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Net Red New Hair Dryer Home Dormitory Quiet Hair Dryer Negative Ion Hair Dryer


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Net Red New Hair Dryer Home Dormitory Quiet Hair Dryer Negative Ion Hair Dryer

  • Product model: HL350
  • Rated voltage: 220V~
  • Rated frequency: 50H
  • Wind temperature gear: hot air, hot and cold circulating air, cold air
  • Wind speed gear: soft wind, strong wind
  • Nozzle type: double magnetic suction nozzle
  • Power cord length: 1.7m.

Direct white intelligent temperature control hair dryer Why do you need high temperature to dry your hair quickly? Intelligent temperature control technology Cold and hot frequency air temperature ,Air essence hair care, Insulation magnetic suction nozzle

Customized for Asian women’s hair ZHIBAI starts from the needs of Asian women for smoothness, gloss, and speed of drying hair, creating a lightweight hair dryer that quickly dries and does not hurt the hair, allowing you to bloom the beauty of hair in a shorter time.

Intelligent temperature control technology is suitable for cold and warm Through the built-in NTC intelligent temperature control module, it senses the ambient temperature and directly communicates the data to the microprocessor. According to different room temperatures, it intelligently adjusts the hot and cold air blowing time alternately, giving you a more intimate hair care experience.

Inverter temperature, hot and cold, glowing and shiny The secret of healthy and shiny hair lies in keratin. Excessively high temperature can easily damage keratin and make the hair dry, split or even broken. The hot and cold frequency conversion air temperature mode allows cold and hot air to be blown out alternately, forming a strong and weak wind, which effectively protects keratin, reduces hair overheating damage, and protects the natural shine of the hair.

Moisturizing dry hair styling in one step Do you still use hot air to dry 70% to 80% of the hair, and then use cold air to style? Try the ZHIBAI intelligent temperature control hair dryer, turn on the hot and cold frequency conversion wind with one click, which not only achieves quick dry hair, but also prevents excessive loss of hair moisture. Moisture lock and dry hair styling in one step.

Air vitamins, the secret of supple hair Negative ions, known as air vitamins, 15 million 20 million/cm3 high concentration of negative ions, directly to the surface of the hair, as your “hair protection layer”, reduce static electricity in the hair, smooth frizz, bring a supple experience.

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